Our Team

A team of highly experienced researchers to lead CAiRS research & development.

CEO & Centre Director

Senior Consultant

Research Projects' Leaders (Hong Kong)

*Names are listed in alphabetical order

Research Projects' Leaders (University of Maryland)

Michael_Pecht.JPG (103 KB)

Prof. Michael PECHT, Head of Research Projects

Michael_Azarian.JPG (88 KB)

Dr Michael AZARIAN

Diganta_Das.JPG (131 KB)

Dr Diganta DAS

Siddhartha.JPG (47 KB)

Prof. Siddhartha DAS

Namkyoung.JPG (35 KB)

Dr Namkyoung LEE

Abhijit_Dasgupta.JPG (129 KB)

Prof. Abhijit DASGUPTA

Michael_Osterman.JPG (155 KB)


sandborn.png (26 KB)

Prof. Peter SANDBORN

Names are listed in alphabetical order

Chief Operating Officer

Clement_Photo.jpg (104 KB)

Ir Clement LI

Assistant General Manager

Gary Wong.jpg (60 KB)

Dr Gary WONG

Programme Managers

Tom.JPG (218 KB)

Senior Programme Manager

Vincent NG.JPG (106 KB)

Dr Vincent NG
Senior Programme Manager and
Senior Research Fellow

RainbowLee.jpg (128 KB)

Dr Rainbow LEE
Programme Manager

Jingyuan Huang.jpg (85 KB)

Dr Jenny HUANG
Assistant Programme Manager

Mr Fiske LIN.jpg (72 KB)

Mr Fiske LIN
Assistant Programme Manager

Marketing Team

Jan.JPG (187 KB)

Liaison & Marketing Manager

Andrew CHAN.JPG (70 KB)

Mr Andrew CHAN
Senior Technical Marketing Manager

AdamKok.JPG (219 KB)

Dr Adam KOK
Assistant Technical Marketing Manager

Kitty Lai.jpg (88 KB)

Ms Kitty LAI
Senior IT & Data Support Engineer


Research Support

Joyce CHAN.JPG (72 KB)

Ms Joyce CHAN
Senior Administrative Manager

Ms Michelle Cheng

Ms Quanna LAW
Senior Executive Officer

 Ms Quanna LAW

Ms Fanny LI
Executive Officer

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