What is the Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS)

Vision of CAiRS

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The world leading and regional hub for Research in Reliability and Safety Innovation

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High level of world renowned expertise in Artificial Intelligence methodologies, industry based cluster data, and reliability & safety modelling and algorithms

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Readily available and applicable to different industries (e.g. Public Utilities; Electronics Industry) in Hong Kong with high potential Technology and Commercials impacts that contribute greatly towards the building of Smart City in Hong Kong.

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Made in Hong Kong : (World brand in high quality, reliable and safe products, systems & infrastructure)

Who works with CAiRS

Consortium for CAiRS

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Prof. Kenneth K.M. LAM, Professor, CAiRS CEO & Centre Director
Prof. Steven BOLES (EEE), Adjunct Professor Dr Siqi BU, Steve (EEE), Associate Professor & Associate Head Prof. Edward CHUNG (EEE), Professor Dr Sai-Ho CHUNG, Nick (ISE), Associate Professor & Associate Head
Prof. Haibo HU (EEE), Professor Prof. Francis C. M. LAU (EEE), Professor Dr. Carman LEE (ISE), Associate Professor Dr Ka Hong LOO (EEE), Associate Professor & Assistant Dean
Dr Daniel Pak Kong LUN (EEE), Associate Professor & Associate Head Dr Xiaoge ZHANG (ISE), Assistant Professor Dr Vincent NG (UBDA), Senior Scientific Officer Ir Prof. Winco K.C. YUNG, Senior Consultant

*Names are listed in alphabetical order

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