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2023-03-13 | Event

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Lecture Schedule
No. Date (Hong Kong Time) Lecture Topic
Year 2021
1 21-Jul-2021 Development of canaries for Catastrophic failure prevention
2 04-Aug-2021 System Safety Verification and Validation For AI Systems
3 11-Aug-2021 Issues with Device Manufacturers Using Commercial-off-the-shelf Lithium-ion Batteries 
4 18-Aug-2021 Degradation Analysis and Capacity Fade Prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries
5 01-Sep-2021 Creation of life cycle profile for product reliability assessment
6 15-Sep-2021 Functional safety improvement through expanded diagnostic coverage
7 29-Sep-2021 Forecasting Maintenance: PHM Business Case Analysis
8 13-Oct-2021 Methods to ensure the reliability of sensors and the integrity of data produced by sensors
9 27-Oct-2021 Reliability and Failure Analysis for Electronics
10 03-Nov-2021 Application of prognostics in qualification
11 10-Nov-2021 Ensemble methods for individualized fault diagnosis
12 17-Nov-2021 How to achieve target safety integrity level (SIL) using PHM
13 24-Nov-2021 Conjugate-stress sensors for anomaly detection in structural health monitoring
14 01-Dec-2021 Reliability of Systems and Components After Storage: Management of Storage Process
15 08-Dec-2021 Role of Reliability Physics Modeling in Improving Diagnostic Coverage
16 15-Dec-2021 Improving Functional Safety and its Estimation using PHM for meeting SIL Targets
17 22-Dec-2021 Corrosion and Electro-Chemical Migration Prognostic Sensors
Year 2022
18 05-Jan-2022 Component reliability assessment based on modeling and testing
19 19-Jan-2022 Simulation-Based Modeling for Prognostics
20 16-Feb-2022 Digital twins for reducing testing and qualification needed for safety assurance: Is the microelectronics industry ready ?
21 23-Feb-2022 The difficulty in duplicating field anomalies during laboratory post-mortems: A reliability physics perspective
22 09-Mar-2022 Reliability and Safety Analysis using Digital Twins
23 23-Mar-2022 Non-destructive methods of failure analysis
24 06-Apr-2022 Interpretability of Machine Learning Algorithms and Ensemble Learning Methods
25 20-Apr-2022 Product reliability validation for varying life cycle profile
26 04-May-2022 Prognostics-Based Qualification for Product Reliability Demonstration
27 01-Jun-2022 Potential of Augmenting Simulation-Based Component Reliability Assessment with Data-Driven Tools
28 15-Jun-2022 Fatigue Damage of Engineering Systems under Complex Vibration Environments
29 28-Sep-2022 Component Reliability Assessment Through Failure Mechanism Simulation
30 19-Oct-2022 Qualifications and Machine Learning
31 16-Nov-2022 Li dendrite formation in lithium-ion batteries - effects of battery materials
32 30-Nov-2022 Data-Driven Failure Analysis
33 14-Dec-2022 Thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries - stages and causes
Year 2023
34 04-Jan-2023 In-service assessment of lithium batteries for portable electronics
35 18-Jan-2023 The Sustainment for Transportation Systems
36 01-Feb-2023 Towards Interpretable Data-Driven Prognostics
37 15-Feb-2023 Power electronic component qualification using prognostic tools

[Press Release] CAiRS and BSUIR collaborate to foster talent exchange in innovative reliability and safety research

Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety (CAiRS) and Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics (BSUIR) are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on a collaboration between the two entities to foster talent exchange in innovative reliability and safety research.

2023-05-12 | News
Trusts In Product Reliability And Safety

The seminar is organized by Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety

2023-05-09 | Event
Challenges in Product Reliability & System Safety

The seminar is organized by "Centre for Advances in Reliability and Safety" (CAiRS)

2022-11-03 | Event
CAiRS InnoHK Launch Ceremony concludes with great success

The InnoHK Launch Ceremony was successfully held on 25 May 2022, marking a new milestone in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government's commitment to promoting Hong Kong's innovation and technology (I&T). As the flagship I&T initiative of the HKSAR Government, InnoHK aims to promote global research collaboration with a view to putting Hong Kong on the global advanced technology map.

2022-05-25 | News
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