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2023-03-13 | 活動

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Lecture Schedule
No. Date (Hong Kong Time) Lecture Topic
Year 2021
1 21-Jul-2021 Development of canaries for Catastrophic failure prevention
2 04-Aug-2021 System Safety Verification and Validation For AI Systems
3 11-Aug-2021 Issues with Device Manufacturers Using Commercial-off-the-shelf Lithium-ion Batteries 
4 18-Aug-2021 Degradation Analysis and Capacity Fade Prediction of Lithium-Ion Batteries
5 01-Sep-2021 Creation of life cycle profile for product reliability assessment
6 15-Sep-2021 Functional safety improvement through expanded diagnostic coverage
7 29-Sep-2021 Forecasting Maintenance: PHM Business Case Analysis
8 13-Oct-2021 Methods to ensure the reliability of sensors and the integrity of data produced by sensors
9 27-Oct-2021 Reliability and Failure Analysis for Electronics
10 03-Nov-2021 Application of prognostics in qualification
11 10-Nov-2021 Ensemble methods for individualized fault diagnosis
12 17-Nov-2021 How to achieve target safety integrity level (SIL) using PHM
13 24-Nov-2021 Conjugate-stress sensors for anomaly detection in structural health monitoring
14 01-Dec-2021 Reliability of Systems and Components After Storage: Management of Storage Process
15 08-Dec-2021 Role of Reliability Physics Modeling in Improving Diagnostic Coverage
16 15-Dec-2021 Improving Functional Safety and its Estimation using PHM for meeting SIL Targets
17 22-Dec-2021 Corrosion and Electro-Chemical Migration Prognostic Sensors
Year 2022
18 05-Jan-2022 Component reliability assessment based on modeling and testing
19 19-Jan-2022 Simulation-Based Modeling for Prognostics
20 16-Feb-2022 Digital twins for reducing testing and qualification needed for safety assurance: Is the microelectronics industry ready ?
21 23-Feb-2022 The difficulty in duplicating field anomalies during laboratory post-mortems: A reliability physics perspective
22 09-Mar-2022 Reliability and Safety Analysis using Digital Twins
23 23-Mar-2022 Non-destructive methods of failure analysis
24 06-Apr-2022 Interpretability of Machine Learning Algorithms and Ensemble Learning Methods
25 20-Apr-2022 Product reliability validation for varying life cycle profile
26 04-May-2022 Prognostics-Based Qualification for Product Reliability Demonstration
27 01-Jun-2022 Potential of Augmenting Simulation-Based Component Reliability Assessment with Data-Driven Tools
28 15-Jun-2022 Fatigue Damage of Engineering Systems under Complex Vibration Environments
29 28-Sep-2022 Component Reliability Assessment Through Failure Mechanism Simulation
30 19-Oct-2022 Qualifications and Machine Learning
31 16-Nov-2022 Li dendrite formation in lithium-ion batteries - effects of battery materials
32 30-Nov-2022 Data-Driven Failure Analysis
33 14-Dec-2022 Thermal runaway in lithium-ion batteries - stages and causes
Year 2023
34 04-Jan-2023 In-service assessment of lithium batteries for portable electronics
35 18-Jan-2023 The Sustainment for Transportation Systems
36 01-Feb-2023 Towards Interpretable Data-Driven Prognostics
37 15-Feb-2023 Power electronic component qualification using prognostic tools

[新聞稿] CAiRS 首次亮相 2024 年日內瓦國際發明展勇奪3金加1項國際發明聯盟協會獎 (IFIA)共12個獎項

CAiRS 首次亮相 2024 年日內瓦國際發明展勇奪3金加1項國際發明聯盟協會獎 (IFIA)共12個獎項

2024-04-23 | 最新消息
[新聞稿] 科技園公司與產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心(CAiRS)攜手推動新型工業化加速本地微電子及先進製造業初創發展

(香港,2023年9月28日)— 香港科技園公司(科技園公司)與香港理工大學(理大)及美國馬里蘭大學於InnoHK創新香港研發平台設立的「產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心」(CAiRS)簽署合作協議,共同協助微電子及先進製造業初創提升必要測試及量產的能力。

2023-09-28 | 最新消息
Inauguration of IEEE Reliability Society, Hong Kong Chapter cum HKSTP x CAiRS Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony

Inauguration of IEEE Reliability Society, Hong Kong Chapter cum HKSTP x CAiRS Collaboration Agreement Signing Ceremony

2023-09-27 | 活動
產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心 (CAiRS) 與 港鐵 (MTR) 合作促進創新可靠性和安全方面的研究交流

產品可靠性暨系統安全研發中心 (CAiRS) 與 港鐵 (MTR) 合作促進創新可靠性和安全方面的研究交流

2023-06-23 | 最新消息
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