We are CAiRS, the world leading and regional hub for research in Reliability and Safety Innovation, based in Hong Kong. CAiRS is a collaboration between the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and University of Maryland (UMD), College Park, Maryland, USA and is a Research Centre admitted under AIR@InnoHK Cluster. We have high level of world renowned expertise in Artificial Intelligence methodologies, industry based cluster data, and reliability & safety modelling and algorithms. It is readily available and applicable to different industries (e.g. Public Utilities; Advanced Manufacturing, Electronics, Health-Care, Consumer Products, Telecommunication Systems and Transportation) in Hong Kong with high potential Technology and Commercials impacts that contribute greatly towards the building of Smart City and Smart Manufacturing in Hong Kong.

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There are many reliability and safety issues that affect Hong Kong citizens. Current best practices in industry seek to minimize failures by extensive design for reliability and testing. But...even the best design and test efforts will NOT enable 100% operational reliability and safety, because one cannot foresee all the variability in the environmental, usage, and complex hardware-software failure mechanisms that affect degradation rates over a system's life cycle.

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