X-ray Microscopy

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The Yvlon Cougar X-ray microscope provides non-destructive imaging capabilities on specimens across a range of length scales, observing features with sizes spanning from millimeters to micrometers.

The techniques reveal structural characteristics and flaws, such as cracks and pores, or composition features. There is a wide variety of applications in materials science, life science, geoscience and microelectronics - from biological objects such as insects or bones, over structural materials like alloys - to image the distribution of precipitates - and composites - to image the components and the quality of interfaces such as interconnects in micro-electronic products and miniaturized sensors.

 Typical Applications:

  • Inspect BGA and QFN attachment, solder shorts, PTH filling and detect counterfeit components
  • Failure analysis of high-resolution bond wire and package level inspection


  • X-ray tube: open tube 25kV to 160kV, 0.01mA to 1mA
  • Maximum tube power: 64W
  • Maximum target power: 10W
  • Detail detectability: < 0.75 um
  • Spatial resolution: 1.5um
  • 5-axis (X, Y, Z tube (motorized), Z Detector (motorized), Tilt Detector (motorized)) manipulation
  • geometric/ total magnification: 2,000x/ 10,000x
  • CMOS Detector with 50mm x 50mm, 1,012x1,012 pixel, pixel size 50um, frame rate: max. 30 fps
  • Oblique viewing by tilting detector +/- 70o
  • focus-object distance (FOD): 0.25mm
  • focus-detector distance (FDD): 50mm
  • Inspection map stitching feature
  • Void calculation feature.
  • CT function to switch from 2D radioscopy to 3D uCT with real-time 3D volume rendering and 3D visualization
  • 3D analysis
  • Maximum inspection area: 310mm x 310mm
  • Maximum sample weight: 5kg
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