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The sI255 interrogator is used to extract accurate measurement results from multiple FBG sensors for monitoring of temperature, pressure, strain, displacement, acceleration, tilt, etc. of a product, sub-system, or system.

 Typical Applications:

  • Monitoring of foundations and elements of bearing structures of compressor stations units and aggregates
  • Compressor station and gas main pipeline stress-strain state monitoring
  • Temperature, pressure, vibration control of gas air cooler and dust catcher’s engine
  • Valve stations of gas pipelines monitoring - pressure, temperature, and position of the valve
  • Measurement of deformation, vibration, inclination, and displacement in hydro- and turbogenerators
  • Monitoring of diversion tunnels, vertical spillway shafts, turbine halls
  • Distributed supervision system of run-off ponds filtration processes
  • Piezometer-based control of groundwater levels in dams, etc
  • Strain-stress state monitoring of a ship hull
  • Measurement of the draft and level in the ballast and service tanks
  • Monitoring of the main engine, generator, and electrical plant
  • Vibration monitoring of the main ship aggregates
  • Fire detection
  • Temperature measurement and control of the ship components


  • Wavelength range 1500nm to 1600nm
  • Wavelength accuracy/ stability: 1pm/ 1pm
  • Wavelength repeatability: 1pm
  • Scan rate: 10Hz.
  • Number of channels: 8
  • Both static and dynamic full spectrum analysis

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