Machine Fault Simulator

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The MFS Magnum (MFS-MG) is the most comprehensive simulator for studying signatures of common machinery faults as a tool for condition-based predictive maintenance (PdM).  It is a reliable technique for monitoring and diagnosing machinery faults before the irreversibly damage of machinery and breakdowns.

Typical Applications:

  • Alignment system assessment
  • Coupling, resonance, sleeve bearing, gearbox faul and reciprocating mechanism studies
  • Journal and rolling element bearing faults and load effects
  • Belt drive performance
  • Fluid film supported rotor dynamics studies and demonstration
  • Variable speed/ load effects
  • Motor current analysis
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Operating deflection shape and modal analysis


  • 1 HP variable frequency AC drive with multi-featured front panel programmable controller
  • 3 Phase, 1 HP motor, pre-wired self-aligning mounting system for easy installation/ removal
  • RPM range: 0 to 6000 rpm (short duration), variable speed

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