Power Device Analyzer/ Curve Tracer

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The Power Device Analyzer/ Curve Tracer B1505A is a powerful tool for measuring and characterizing power devices up to 1500A and 10kV.  Its mainframe can measure wide range of power devices from 10fA to 1500A and 2µV to 10kV with 3,000V CV measurement features.  The EasyEXPERT software, which is resident on the B1505A will provide real time curve tracer interface and an intuitive and flexible data management and analysis environment.

Typical Applications:

  • Characterization of power devices
  • Analyze the characteristics of discrete semiconductors, ranging from diodes to SiC or GaN devices


  • Curve tracer functionality that can accurately evaluate and characterize power devices at up to 10kV and 1500A
  • Handle all types of power device evaluation, with features that include a wide voltage and current range, fast pulsing capability (10 us), uOhm on resistance measurement resolution and sub-pA level current measurement capability
  • Oscilloscope view permits visual verification of both current and voltage pulsed waveforms
  • Two independent analog-to-digital (A/D) converters on each channel support a 2 us sampling rate for accurate monitoring of the critical timings that can affect device behavior
  • Fully automated capacitance measurements at high voltage biases (up to 3 kV)
  • Evaluate gate charge at up to 3 kV
  • Multi-frequency capacitance measurement

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